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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello, World!

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for ages, and I had some free time today, so what the hell?
I’m not limiting myself to this, but the general idea behind this blog is to talk about the ins and outs of consolidation of industries — mostly about the “whats” than the “what are the effects?” If you want to learn more about the latter, read Barry C. Lynn’s incredibly informative Cornered.

I’ll be giving specific examples of products that seem like “mom n’ pops” but are actually now or always have been owned by huge companies. I’ll be talking about the industries that are much more consolidated than you think… my caveat is that my starting point, from which I don’t believe I’ll waver much, is that these developments are, for the most part, inherently bad. They lead to putting money, and in turn, power and influence, in the hands of fewer and fewer people, and heading down that road is a path to neofeudalism. But the conservative movement’s (not just America’s, and not just today’s, but going back to the beginning of time) essential essence is to do whatever consolidates political power and resources in the hands of the few — on both a micro and macro level. In his Why the West Rules – For Now, one of Ian Morris’s main points is that put in the same situation, any large group of people (10,000+) regardless of location or race or whatever else, will basically act the same way. And it’s a pattern that the wealthy and powerful will do all they can to make themselves moreso and the vast majority less so.

What credentials do I have? Very few, other than I’m superwonky, and a hell of a researcher. So I should be at least fairly insightful, interesting, and informative (and apparently alliterative).

I don’t know how often I’ll post; I’m busy and distracted, but onward!