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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Trump May Be Ending American Democracy, But...

... so is the rest of the Republican Party, and that shouldn't be forgotten. And in his book, the Despot's Apprentice, Brian Klass seems to do that:

Critics call Klass partisan, but he says that throughout the book he uses something he calls the "McCain, Romney test”—referring to the past two Republicans nominees Senator John McCain and businessman Mitt Romney—to gauge Trump’s behavior.
“Anything that they would do, I don't criticize,” Klass says. “I’m genuinely advocating for the things that two years ago, before Donald Trump’s arrival in the political scene, would have been viewed as universally accepted opinions, both in the Republican and Democratic party.
“I focus on violations of democratic procedure, democratic norms. I focus on things that we should all value: a free press, a rule of law society, the idea that people should be hired not because they are family members but because of their merit.”

McCain helped push us to war in Iraq and voted for the horrendous GOP tax bill. He nominated Sarah Palin, the Proto-Trump, as his potential Vice President. Mitt Romney elevated Paul Ryan, one of the people behind that tax bill, and a major Trump enabler, to the same position.

This sort of thinking lets the rest of the GOP, who will try to run away from Trump as soon as it's no longer politically expedient to support him, off the hook. We can't allow that.

If the time of reckoning ever does come for those who backed Trump, there should be no lifeboats waiting for Mitt Romney and John McCain.

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