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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Merrick Garland Doesn't Know What He's Doing


It's true! He doesn't. Nor does Jack Smith, nor Letitia James, nor Fani Willis, nor Alvin Bragg, nor Jocelyn Benson, nor you, nor I.

We are in completely uncharted waters, and we don't know which strategy is going to work. Garland started bottom-up. Willis seemed to start in the middle. Bragg inherited his strategy. Smith decided to forget everything below the top. I thought they should've gone bottom-up but discrete tier by discrete tier (i.e. 1/6ers on the ground --> Oath Keepers/Proud Boys --> Alex Jones/Roger/Stone/etc --> Trump).

But no one has ever put a former President of the United States behind bars. The system doesn't make it easy to begin with, and we have a court system that's both way more conservative and way more backed up than it should be, and the majority of the Supreme Court is on that former President's side.

Out of all of these approaches, is Garland's right? I really don't know. But the solution is far from obvious, and 90% of the attacks against Garland aren't just wrong; they're lies. Are the other 10% right? I don't know about that, either.

All we have to go on is that a President has now been indicted by the current Department of Justice three times, and we're going to have to wait to see if this Attorney General's approach is the one that works. Or if more than one works. Or if none work.