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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Things Are Starting to Feel Real Again

Throughout the 2016 campaign season, I repeatedly denied that  Trump had any chance to win the Presidency and felt entirely sure that that was the case.

However, every time he'd make some pronouncement or promise (particularly his "First 100 Days" speech at Gettysburg, I'd gleefully envision an alternate timeline where he became President and found that everything he thought he knew was wrong and nothing worked out for him, such as:

  • The wall was not going to be built
  • He wouldn't be able to put together a plan to replace Obamacare that would cost less and cover everyone
  • The rest of the world was not going to respect the U.S. because he was elected
  • The U.S. economy couldn't grow at 4+%
  • He couldn't create 25 million jobs
  • He couldn't magically bring back coal mining
  • It wasn't going to be possible to deport 11 million immigrants

I pictured him getting extremely frustrated, lashing out at everyone including his own staff, his party, Obama, and the Democrats.

Above: An aneurysm waiting to happen

Well, obviously he did "win." And between Election Day, and say, mid-February, everything felt totally surreal.

Now, it's feeling less so to me, and I think it's because we're basically living that alternative timeline. It makes sense. I guess the only two scenarios I could picture were a Hillary win or Trump winning but having an incredibly tough go of it. For the first couple of weeks post-inauguration, while it didn't seem like Trump was accomplishing much, it did feel like he thought he was. Not anymore.

This is a FAR inferior scenario to a Clinton presidency, but at least it makes sense in my head.

UPDATE (3/5/2017, 3:41 PM): This is Trump about to blow a vessel (thanks, @MonkeyFister1 for the tip and @Beschizza for the design -- it's fantastic):

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