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Friday, November 3, 2017

Fuck Donna Brazile

By now, you've likely heard that former interim chair of the DNC Donna Brazile is accusing the Clinton campaign of rigging the 2016 primaries against Bernie Sanders.

This is an insane accusation for reasons I'll let others explain below, but I have never been impressed with Brazile. She ran Al Gore's 2000 campaign, which chose Joe-friggin'-Lieberman as a VP candidate and which ran away from Bill Clinton, who had a 60%+ approval rating. She's since held a number of different positions in the party, but also was one of the first Democratic talking heads I became familiar with when I began watching cable news in the early 2000s. She was never very strong on TV, and as I started to identify with the Democratic Party more and more, I always cringed to see her represent the Democratic point of view. I am a huge Debbie Wasserman-Schultz hater, but didn't think that Brazile was much of an upgrade when Wasserman-Schultz had to resign last year.

So, I'm establishing here that I'm not a fan of hers. At all. And now she's gone from being disappointing to me to being infuriating. Perhaps the reason she's lost pretty much every election she's been involved with is that she doesn't understand how American politics works. The Clinton campaign has done nothing wrong here (though Politico's headline writer -- "Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC" -- thinks otherwise). On Twitter, journalist Victoria Brownworth has been addressing this all day:

It's worth reading through her entire timeline for today.

Some other important takes...

Kara Calavera:

Robert #Resist Sandy:


Peter Daou:

There's really nothing to this, but I'm worried about it. I went through 2016 thinking that America was too smart to be fooled by idiocy like Russia, e-mails, etc... but I was wrong. But what matters is how the media covers this and how it spreads on social media (Putin must be loving this). They've so far not been falling for the Uranium One crap, but "Democrats in disarray" might be too juicy for them to ignore.

On the other hand, I saw Don Lemon half-dismiss this tonight as "good for book sales," so I guess we'll see. I really don't know why else Brazile would pull shit like this. But shit she is pulling, indeed.

And she's just feeding the fascist in the White House:

So, yeah, fuck you, Donna Brazile.


  1. Yeah. My loathing for this woman knows no bounds.

  2. That's why I just googled Fuck donna brazile that's how I feel about her

  3. Fuck this treasonous twat