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Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Days That We Live In

So, this is a thing that happened. 

The President of the United States tries to ignore a huge pandemic that ends up killing perhaps a million Americans.

He shares crazy-ass ideas about how to deal with the pandemic he denies.

At a brazen public event in the middle of the pandemic, doing something about as odious any President has ever done, he, his wife, and their son catch the virus.

They try to hide the illness, but he gets too sick to deny it.

He is airlifted to Walter Reed.

The doctors gaslight the public on the stairs of Walter Reed about the President's health, and few really question it.

The doctors shoot him up full of steroids so that they can Weekend At Bernie's him around the hospital waving to his loving, feral supporters.

While propped up, he gets brought home and, with clearly labored breathing, rips his mask off for the camera to see.

Another hundred thousand people die. He pretends it's still not a big deal.

He *still* only loses the election by a pretty thin margin.

It comes out later, after hundreds thousands more die, that he had been very, very sick and it was really probably only due to the fact that he was one of the most powerful men in the world that he survived.

Oh, and he lies about getting a tube shoved up his ass because he doesn't want to look weak.

And not one question has been asked of his doctors since.

Yup, we lived through that.