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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Going Full Vader

Because I've been on a huge Star Wars kick lately....

I'm again revisiting this statement I made a few days ago -- "if we can't get three Republican motherfuckers to vote against Jefferson Fucking Beauregarde Sessions III we should resolve to dissolve the Republican Party next time the Democrats are in power; they're domestic enemies."

Sessions really is about as low as these guys can go. The most racist person in the Senate being confirmed as Attorney General, the position most responsible for regulating civil rights in this country.

As it turns out, the Democrats only need two Republican votes, because Sessions can't vote for his own confirmation. Just two. But a Google search of "Republicans voting against Sessions" finds me nothing outside of their chosen solution, which was to silence the words of Coretta Scott King. So, it doesn't even look like ONE Republican will vote to protect the rights of people of color, other minorities, and women. An isolated vote or two does not make them any better. They will always find a way to stab us in the back.

I won't even be angry after the vote. I'll be at peace knowing, without that teensy .1% speck of a doubt, that the Republicans have no good left in them. They'll have turned to the Dark Side, and the answer will no longer be to even consider that they'll do the right thing; we have to destroy them as a party when we get the chance. They'd do it to us if they could.

UPDATE (2/8/2017, 5:51 PM): Found this on Twitter:

UPDATE (2/8/2017, 7:27 PM): Not a single Republican voted against him. This is now purely Manichean shit.


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