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Friday, October 27, 2017

Deep Thought

I'm not following the JFK document dump story at all, but if it were to come out that the Soviets were in some way linked to the assassination, we would need to basically rewrite the through line of American history. We now know that the Russians were messing in our election as far back as 2008 (and I've suspected, perhaps longer), and they put the person who will likely be the most destructive person in America since, uh, maybe Jefferson Davis in the White House.

These two bookends would likely change our entire view of the last 60-odd years, with Russia affecting nearly everything that's happened in world affairs in one way or another during that time (What if Kennedy had remained as President through 1968? What if Hillary Clinton were in the White House beginning in 2017?).

Jesus, what would the American history textbooks published in 2040 look like?

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