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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hallelujah, Redux

Tonight's Saturday Night Live cold open:

This only works because Trump n' Pals have screwed up so royally. Obviously, this is a play on Kate McKinnon's open from right after the election, which made me cry over and over, not just  because it was beautiful, but because I was so afraid of what was coming.

People are going to lose their lives and livelihoods because of this election. But maybe the worst thing to come out of it is the idea that people were voting for Hillary Clinton because she was the "lesser of two evils." I just don't understand how she has the strength. We as a country beat the crap out of her for forty years and she still kept working and working and working to make things better, even if at times she didn't embrace quite the right solutions (though I've come around on some of those myself). The way we have treated her is a travesty and a horrible injustice that we can't take back now. I know of two particular occasions in my life that I've been unfair to her myself and I really, really want to apologize.
And while she could just say "f**k you all" and go retire to an island somewhere, I'm hoping that the truly heartfelt words that she just said on a conference call with all of us who volunteered indicate that she's going to continue to be a leader for us despite the fact that we may not even deserve it.
If I ever get the chance to do ANYTHING for her, I will.
With a shitload of tears streaming down my face right now, thank you Hillary Rodham Clinton. You will always be one of my heroes.
We may not survive our current situation, but we have, for the most part, weathered the storm so far.

Let's stay strong and continue to resist, and hopefully by the time next season starts (Season 342?), we won't care about it because we'll have solved this.

P.S.: I just watched the original Kate McKinnon clip for the first time in months, and still cried when she said, "I'm never giving up, and neither should you." Hillary, thanks for sticking with us. It really means something that you're getting back out there.

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