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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Moose Hunting, My Ass

So, as the story goes, Fontange Fuhrer (TM Ari) Junior ditched his Secret Service protection for privacy reasons:

Donald Trump Jr. had his Secret Service protection restored this week after briefly giving up the protection for a hunting trip in the Canadian wilderness.
The New York Times reported last week that Trump Jr. was ditching his security detail for unknown reasons, but noted Trump Jr. was seeking more privacy.

For a few days, nobody knew where he was. He's now turned back up and has his security detail back. But where was he?

It turns out, according to a reporter for New York Times Magazine, that Trump Jr. was leaving the Secret Service behind so he could be alone during a hunting trip in Canada's Yukon Territory. The reporter, Luke Dittrich, spotted Trump Jr. at the airport in Yukon's capital city after receiving a tip from a friend, and detailed his exchange with him in an article published on Wednesday. 

I don't know if anyone's noted this yet, but the Yukon Territory is not just remote; from the porch of his hunting lodge, Junior Dunce could see Sarah Palin on her porch watching Russia.

I'd put better than even money on the "hunting trip" being something much more sinister.