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Monday, July 31, 2017

Earworm of the Afternoon -- Wooden Ships

Well, That Was Quick...

Mario Cantone Anthony Scaramucci is already out on his ass, and Cat West nailed it:

Sunday, July 30, 2017

What a Difference a Year Makes


What's Scaramucci Up To?

As we've all seen unfold over the last week or so, culminating (thus far) in the firing of Trump's Chief of Staff Rinse Penis, the Trump White House's equivalent of It's Always Sunny Frank Reynolds (obnoxious-but-hilarious character brought in early on to class the show down) and human-ish embodiment of "naked political ambition" has had quite the last few days:

Tweeter and former blogger Cat West had a very interesting prediction about where things are going with Scaramucci:


Cat was kind enough to let me share some more of what she had to say via DM:

... I've seen this act play out before, over and over again, and the pace is the same, the actions are the same... He courted trump and like a really good abuser, convinced him that he never meant all those horrible things he said about him. Then the hand gestures... That is a classic "mirroring" technique. And what's the one thing that holds trump's attention more than anything else? His mirror. His image. So to have it reflected back to him as younger, smoother, more "him" is seductive as hell and 45 cannot resist. We're all seeing it.
I really suspect this long vacation is Mooch's idea. He'll be at his side the entire time. Trump won't look the same or act the same when he gets back. He'll be way different, way way worse, and he'll think he's way better. Seducing an old vain man who is suffering from dementia takes a particular talent...

Tillerson is trying to find his dignity. It's gone. He'll be gone in a month or so. Soon as he's done selling off resources to Russia. Trump will make statements like he's going on 'retreat' or 'spa' something that implies pampering

Scare Baby (i'll decide on a moniker soon enough) is going be the tyrant, the Infant Terrible, so-to-speak, who strikes fear into the hearts of everyone around him. This is going to trigger a palace coup. But everyone is going to count on Trump remembering their loyalty to save them, not realizing that his relationship to ScareBaby is a drug right now. "Tell me who my enemies are!" "I trusted them and they betrayed me!" "That's why I'm having such a hard time!" "They are my enemies!"

Two weeks into August, the Circus Elephants will rampage and the crowd will stop cheering, start screaming. Scare is a man in search of a cult, ready made, that he can take over. Trump is an easy target. Flattery. Boom.  What you've seen in Sarah Huck is the beginning of it for her. She's changing her style. He's showing her how to "walk like a lady". She's enthralled by him, he flatters her, then insults her to keep her off balance. "Don't walk like a a farm frau." ScareBaby knows better than Trump, how to take over and run a cult. He's Jim Jones on steroids.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Late Night Track -- Take Me Out

Saturday Morning Twitshit

Haven't done one of these in a while, but Trump's been plopping 'em out like mad lately... Today's fun:

This is just fantastic. The Republicans have been trying to push it for a few days now. Despite EVERY GODDAMNED SHRED OF EVIDENCE, now the Russians were really trying to help Hillary. Though last week Putin convinced him that he was so good that we'd never know if he got involved in our elections. But Trump thinks he can tell that Putin was manipulating the election on behalf of Hillary?

Dude, if you were better at leading your party, there wouldn't be a backlog of bills. Screaming at them like they're children hasn't worked before, but keep fucking that chicken.

He doesn't realize that the reason the Republicans haven't eliminated the filibuster is because if they didn't have it when they're in the minority, the country would look like a goddamned Bernie Sanders utopia.

The pot calling the kettle fools...

I know one R they're definitely laughing at...

I think America will accept that.

Is that a threat? I don't think you want to go up against the insurance lobby, Donnie.

You didn't build that...

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Where My Head Is Now (Fuck These Guys)

I don't know when or if I'll get back to posting regularly (after Labor Day?), but I think I'm going to drop in occasionally...

As most of you know, yesterday, the Republicans in the Senate passed a Motion to Proceed on the repeal (and maybe replacement, but probably not) of Obamacare.

For the first three months of the Trump regime, I thought repeal of Obamacare was inevitable. But the actions of #TheResistance and the Democratic Party have combined with the absolute incompetence of Donald Trump and the Congressional Republicans to make that unlikely.

Side note: I really do believe keeping Trump in office but beleaguered -- maybe impeachment without conviction? -- is better than elevating Pence. I think we can pretty much guarantee that without the Trump drama, 20+ million people would definitely lose their health insurance.

While the Republicans are technically procedurally closer to repealing Obamacare, it seems unlikely to me that the Republicans will be able to put together a bill that not only unites all of their factions in the Senate, but also does so in the House, and passes the muster of the parliamentarian. MJ Lee and Lauren Fox at CNN explain what to expect.

So, my nerves aren't (that) shot over this. But this is where my head is:

Also, it doesn't help things that despite the fact that I don't think Obamacare will be repealed, the potential impact on real lives of Americans that the small chance that this evil bill (whatever it looks like) is SO horrible that it's excruciating to contemplate.

I'll try to check in a bit more often over the next few weeks, but in the meantime keep fighting.

Also, fuck John McCain. Nathaniel Friedman has pretty much the same feelings I have about him, and he's been letting loose on Twitter:

He's never been a good guy, he's no hero (maybe the *only* thing I agree on with Trump), and while I hope he recovers, I also hope he stops having any involvement in our politics and never appears on a Sunday news show again.