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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Thread of the Day -- Jen Kirkman on Ocasio-Cortez

For months, I've been wrestling with the primary victory of congresscritter-elect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez:

ME: "Wow. That's an impressive victory."

"How dare she challenge a sitting leader of the Democrats during a crisis?" :EM

ME: "But she fits her district better than Crowley did, and she's who her constituents wanted."

"But she's an ardent Berniecrat who seems to want to upend the status quo and might intentionally or unintentionally elect Republicans." :EM

ME: "Come on, you're overreacting. And her policy goals are pretty good."

"Dude, her first major interview was with the goddamned Intercept." :EM

ME: "She's new. She doesn't know any better."

"Bernie's 72. He knows better." :EM

ME: "But she brings a great new energy to the Democrats"

"Look at her protesting Nancy Pelosi!" :EM

ME: "That doesn't really look like a protest to me."

"The media certainly is describing it as a protest." :EM

ME: "Well, Nancy is handling it well. I'm sure she'll teach her. Oh, and look! there's a thread on Twitter which explains that AOC wasn't even protesting her at all!"

"She's saying out loud that she's going to be primarying goddamned incumbent Democrats around the country." :EM

ME: "Hmmm... let me read that. Oh, huh. And who are the Justice Democrats?"

"They're a group started by CENK FUCKING UYHUR!" :EM

ME: "But she's still young and she just doesn't know better.


ME: Oh, bloody fuckguts.

Jen Kirkman helps sort the whole thing out in the most lucid way I've seen:

Read the whole thread.

Oh, bloody fuckguts.

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