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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Straw Polling

I love my staff...

My team has started a group text, and I just looked at my phone and found this between two employees, "L" and "C."

L: Don't be jealous.

C: Of what?

L: I decided to take my daughter and her friend to breakfast before tryouts and they are arguing whether a straw has one or two holes.

C: Huh... well it's like two holes, but it's like a tunnel so maybe one hole.

C: Hmmm now I am questioning it.

L: One hole. Duh.

L: Ha.

C: Idk...

L: Like an elongated donut.

L: Plastic donut.

C: OK. Fair.

L: I have ONE headache.

C: Me too.

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