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Monday, July 18, 2016

RNC Liveblog Post #6... Rudy Edition

9:53 CST... Sorry, your son died for absolutely nothing. And you know why? Because of the people right in front of you, and the people who put you on stage. And there we go again, we can't name the enemy. IT'S YOU.

9:55 CST... Let's bring in the Confederates... Jefferson Beauregarde H. Doody.

9:57 CST... I don't remember who became President after 1999. Don't think I'll find out tonight.

9:59 CST... . I need a better drinking game than that.

10:01 CST...

10:03 CST...  This is SO boring. Oh wait!!! RUUUUUUUDY!!!!

10:04 CST... We're doing it. 9/11 drinking. What's that claw???

10:06 CST... This man is afraid of everything.

10:09 CST.. Is he doing the Macarena?

10:11 CST... I think "Islamic Extremist Aneurysm" might be about to become a thing...

10:14 CST... I just screamed out "YES!" at the bar when he said September 11th, but then he said September 12th, 2012. Oh well, I think it counts. If I don't drink, what's the point? So I'm chugging now.

10:19 CST... OK, "Reagan" deserves a drink. I'm making this up as I go along.

Done, done, onto the next post.

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