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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday Morning Twitshit

Haven't done one of these in a while, but Trump's been plopping 'em out like mad lately... Today's fun:

This is just fantastic. The Republicans have been trying to push it for a few days now. Despite EVERY GODDAMNED SHRED OF EVIDENCE, now the Russians were really trying to help Hillary. Though last week Putin convinced him that he was so good that we'd never know if he got involved in our elections. But Trump thinks he can tell that Putin was manipulating the election on behalf of Hillary?

Dude, if you were better at leading your party, there wouldn't be a backlog of bills. Screaming at them like they're children hasn't worked before, but keep fucking that chicken.

He doesn't realize that the reason the Republicans haven't eliminated the filibuster is because if they didn't have it when they're in the minority, the country would look like a goddamned Bernie Sanders utopia.

The pot calling the kettle fools...

I know one R they're definitely laughing at...

I think America will accept that.

Is that a threat? I don't think you want to go up against the insurance lobby, Donnie.

You didn't build that...