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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Impeach (Barr) Now!


While I've been clear that I'm comfortable with the pace at which Congress is moving towards impeaching Trump (I think we got to 97 supporters yesterday and I'm guessing we'll hit 120 this month after Mueller testifies), unless the courts are saying not to, it's time to open an impeachment inquiry against Bill Barr. This is getting grotesque:

We've got all we need on him if we can get a few relevant witnesses.

And when I get unsuspended from Twitter in a couple of days, I'll be able to say it!

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  1. Do you think Pelosi will/would ever initiate impeachment against Barr? Nadler’s committee voted to hold him and the little grinning weasel guarding Trump’s tax returns in Contempt of Congress early in March and Pelosi won’t even bring that to the floor, where it would obviously pass, which would kick it to the courts where the wheels of Justice grind slowly but that would be the right thing to do and contrary to what seems to be her only modus operandi, politically smart too. Not sure what her true motivation is but it is part of the grotesqueness.