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Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Morning Twitshit

Seven tweets over about six hours this morning. That's about par for the course lately; he really may be trying to distract from something coming down the pike... maybe 5 PM EST today?

He's obsessed with this. He posted the same thing yesterday and probably another dozen times over the past couple of months. What he doesn't realize is that the bigger an asshole he is, the more likely the Republicans are going to find themselves in the minority again sooner rather than later and they will need to desperately hold on to the filibuster, which has always helped conservatives.

I get such a kick out of him using the word "spirit" for some reason.

He's so cute when he lie-brags. All he's missing is a #MAGA!

Who's Nick Adams? Is that the Dilbert guy? In any case, the guy is stroking Trump's thighs.

I'm willing to guess Corker hasn't asked him that question once. But PLEASE primary him, Trump! Let's see what happens. Make Tennessee happy!

I despair for Texas.