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Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Morning Twitshit

Doesn't matter if it's true or not, Donald Duck L'Orange is taking advantage of Donna Brazile's idiocy/duplicity. Because of course he is.

Brazile lies, Trump lies. Trump tweeted a few more times about other things, but I'm too pissed off at Brazile to care.

I'll let Josh have the last word.

If Brazile wants to make these accusations she needs to provide the documents she’s referring to and something concrete about actions the DNC took to rig the primaries against Sanders. The fact that Wasserman-Schultz was a bad chair, the fact that the DNC was poorly run, that not enough money went to state parties – all true. But none of that is what made Brazile’s claims a bombshell. All of that was known. If she can’t back these claims up she owes every Democrat a huge apology. And I have to say that applies to Elizabeth Warren too who jumped on the bandwagon.

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