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Friday, October 6, 2017

Apparently That Didn't Matter

From my Facebook feed one year ago today (Jesus, it's almost a year since the November Catastrophe):

Holy crap. Trump is doing a town hall that his campaign said is preparation for the debate (he walked right out and said it's not, scoffing at the idea of "debate prep" and saying that Hillary is not preparing for the debate, she's resting because she's tired). He absolutely cannot answer a question if his Trump speech doesn't have a section on it. And this is in front of a friendly audience with prescreened questions -- think he's going to get asked questions like, "When you get elected, which one of these will you tear down first? The CIA, the FBI, or the IRS?" on Sunday? I believe he's gone four questions in a row without even addressing the question. It's like watching an orange trainwreck.

He got slammed during the debates last year, and it didn't matter. No wonder I came out of the election feeling like everything I ever knew about American politics was wrong.