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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What A Monster!

From a friend and former colleague in the volunteer operation at Hillary's national headquarters in Brooklyn last year:

Hillary Clinton had a fundraiser for the Children's Health Fund yesterday I couldn't resist going there and waiting outside till she came out. She was so nice and cute. She agreed that Trump's agenda is horrible. She said, "_______, great to see you again." I told her that I feel lost and she answered, "I totally understand, but keep going and don't give up, we'll figure it out". She loved my phone case. Then she asked me how was Switzerland. I couldn't believe she remembered that I went there. She was so charming. Very Presidential!

Keep in mind that this was not a staffer; even though my friend was a very dedicated volunteer, she was one of thousands. And Hillary struck up a conversation with her, remembering her name from more than six months ago, as well as where she went to vacation. Peter Daou had it right today:

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