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Sunday, May 21, 2017

TGC Digest -- Week of 5/15/2017

What you may have missed on TGC this week:


Indefensible -- The media is behaving better than usual. How long can it last?

Did Shaq Become a Human Centipede? --The beginnings of the  rat-tat-tat of the news cycles beginning with the story about Trump sharing highly classified information with the Russians.

The Daily Combover - May 15, 2017 -- How are Republicans going to react to the latest on #TrumpRussia?



Pretty Decent Silver Lining -- The Democrats are building a bench!

The Daily Combover - May 16, 2017 -- How pissed off are the Israelis about Trump leaking their intelligence?


The Greatest Thing I Can Imagine -- It's pretty good and involved Trump and pee.

The Daily Combover - May 17, 2017 -- Ari weighs in on the implications of the Robert Mueller appointment.



Seth Meyers on the Comey Memo -- A great Seth Meyers clip, along with like half a dozen bombshells that dropped that night.

Someone's Stewing --No one's keeping Trump from Tweeting, no matter how bad things get for him.

A History of Voting Prohibitions -- How did voter suppression affect the 2016 elections? No one's talking about it, but the answer is a lot.

The Daily Combover - May 18, 2017 -- Mike Flynn didn't actually want to be National Security Advisor, but Trump convinced him.



Comey's Relationship With Trump -- In which a 6'8" man tries to be inconspicuous.

My Bigly Foreign Trip -- How long is Trump going to be able to stay overseas?

So Short on Words -- Twitter's reaction to even more #TrumpRussia news dropping.

The Daily Combover - May 19, 2017 -- How did Ergodan's security detail get away with beating up protestors in front of the White House?

Anderson Cooper Takes a Crap on Jeffrey Lord -- It's almost what it sounds like.



Burning the Lifeboats -- Blue Gal's prescription for what to do when the Republican rats scurry off the sinking ship.

How Much of This Is Jared's Fault? -- A lot.

Hallelujah, Redux -- Good callback in the Saturday Night Live season finale.

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