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Friday, May 26, 2017

Trump's Playing With Fire

So, as Ari discussed yesterday in the Combover, Trump really insulted our allies in NATO.

His transgressions were not minor, as Eli Stokols tells us in this thread:

This is some grave stuff, and could cost us our relationships. However, I think that most European leaders (as well as North American ones) are giving the U.S. a pass for now because they believe that Trump is an anomaly, because most Americans that Europeans know didn't vote for Trump, and because they understand that Russia helped Trump steal the 2016 election. But  if somehow there's a second Trump term, all bets are off.

But while NATO may give *us* a pass, I think Trump is another story. He blew any goodwill that might have been remaining towards him and showed how dangerous he is. Look at the steely, resolute faces in this crowd (and also at Trump's incredibly badly done hair). They're done with him.

Macron showed that in his own way today:

It seems to me that Trump doesn't understand who he's messing with, and it could be his downfall. It would not surprise me at all if our allies help to take him down. Trump essentially made it more likely that we'll see a pee-pee tape or that he'll have assets in illegal accounts exposed and seized. And I can't wait...

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