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Monday, May 29, 2017

TGC Digest -- Week of 5/22/2017

What you may have missed on TGC this week:


The Daily Combover - May 22, 2017 -- The symbolism of Trump's time in the Middle East.


More #TrumpRussia Testimony -- Not very good news for Trump.

Contacts and Interactions -- Trey Gowdy didn't think the John Brennan testimony was significant. Spoiler: It was.

The Daily Combover - May 23, 2017 -- Ari tells us what Trump's aspirational budget would actually cut. It's a lot. A WHOLE lot.


A Failed Exorcism --Seems like the Pope would've rather had anyone visit other than Trump.

What a Monster! -- Hillary is clearly the mom of Satan.

The Daily Combover - May 24, 2017 -- Trump and Duterte are buddies!



Just Plain Embarrassing -- The election results are all Trump has to hang his hat on with his really small hands.

Body Slam Greg Gianforte -- The Republicans defend Gianforte, because they're terrible people.

The Daily Combover - May 25, 2017 -- Jesus, Trump's trip was terrible!


Trump's Playing with Fire -- I made a prediction that came through in like eight hours.

The Daily Combover - May 26, 2017 -- Trump really was a laughingstock in Europe.

Not Going to Make an "I Went to Jared" Crack -- OK, I basically did. But how can you not? Dude's in deep crap.

#HRC46 -- #ImStillWithHer, goddammit. That's the Hill I'm going to die on.



In Which I Advise Trump's Advisors -- This one was fun to write. And also, probably, good advice!

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