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Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Links -- 5/5/2017

It's the National Day of Prayer. You got that? The Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a bill that would ultimately strip insurance from tens of millions of people and get rid of provisions that would end up harming tens of millions more. People would die if this became law and the very wealthy would get a tax break to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.
And they did it on the National Day of Prayer. It's like raping bunnies on Easter; it's like if on Easter morning, a group of pasty white Republicans grabbed cute, fluffy rabbits and raped the shit out of them. Just raped them until they were dead and used the limp bunny bodies to wipe off their dicks before tossing them aside. "Christ is risen," they'd announce. "We just fucked bunnies to death."
Although, if one of the rabbit rapists didn't have insurance and then went for treatment later for PTSD because the bunnies won't stop screaming, the bunnies won't stop screaming, well, under the American Health Care Act, that wouldn't necessarily be covered by insurance. Yeah, see, it's a pre-existing condition.
And if you think that sucks for bunny buggerers, well, fuck you, because it's way worse for rape victims. Yeah, getting raped is a pre-existing condition. Sorry, ladies, but that roofie was all the medication you're gonna get because the Koch Brothers need to pay slightly less in taxes.

    Dude's got a way with words. "Bunny buggerers?"

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