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Monday, May 15, 2017


As I wrote earlier this morning, Trump is apparently considering bringing Fox News "talent" into the White House. On the other side of the equation, I noted on Twitter on Saturday that CNN seemed markedly better last week than it normally is:

I thought, but didn't actually count, that there were close to no conservatives on CNN's panels, post-Comey. Looks like that's true:

CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): It's worthy of note, we've tried to get Schumer on the show a lot also, but on the Republican side, we invited all of the Republican leadership. Do you hear me? All of it, right? We tried to get dozens of different Republican lawmakers to come on this show, And often we are chock full. But not right now. We went O for this weekend. All right?

Conservatives have long pulled the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting by coming up with ways to explain how policies that will only help the rich and powerful are actually good for everyone -- e.g. "trickle down economics" -- or that the really shitty things that their leaders do and say either didn't happen or are actually bouquets of beautiful, fragrant posies. Paul Ryan is the embodiment of that.

After the last two weeks, between Trump's firing of Comey and the Republicans celebrating their making a little bit of progress on passing the neutron bomb we call Trumpcare, they may have moved so far beyond the limits of what they can defend on the mainstream networks that they're not even bothering to appear on anything but conservative outlets like Fox.

I doubt this will last; the media has such a short memory when it comes to Republicans behaving badly, but maybe if this happens over and over the bounceback will be smaller each time they return; kind of like if there were a tweak to Driftglass's "Gingrich Rules" in which the temporarily banished conservatives were just slightly diminished each time -- perhaps call it the Dondarrion Corollary?

Revived one too many times?
I can dream, right?

Dangit, winter can't come soon enough... I'm jonesin' for a Thrones fix.

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