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Thursday, May 11, 2017

More Like It

Looks like our publications are (mostly) understanding the gravity of the Comey situation and are pretty convinced that his firing is tied into the Russia investigation. 

The Times, of course, a little less than everyone else, because to them, looming fascism is a bit less important than sex or e-mails:

The Comey story isn't as plastered on the front page as the *other* Comey story, and the main story is about sex. With multiple people. But it's there.

The Senate is currently holding a hearing with Andrew McCabe, who is the #2 at the FBI. Comey was supposed to testify today, but McCabe is taking his place. My guess is he will be let go in favor of a Trump crony in the next couple of weeks, and that crony will be the interim director. My understanding is that person can remain interim director without Senate confirmation for up to 300 days, during which time he or she can end the FBI investigation of Trump and Russia. But who knows? The regime appears to be all over the place on this, and if we've learned anything over the last few months, it's that the White House can't do anything right. It could mean nothing happens for a while; it could be that Trump starts to lash out and fires people all over the place because the #TrumpRussia story doesn't go away.

I really have no predictions... I'd say we're in uncharted territory, but someone much smarter than I am has a good point:

This is going to be the biggest story for at least a few weeks, at least if the publications above keep it front and center.

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