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Monday, May 8, 2017

My Takeaways from the Yates/Clapper Hearing

Frankly, I don't have a ton to say. There were no bombshells. Just a couple of things:

  • Nearly every Republican tried to steer the conversation away from Russia and towards leaks and unmasking. Even Graham spent an awful lot of time on the latter. These guys are running scared, and, I think, rightfully so.
  • This, I think, might be something big:

Look at the upper left corner. The Republicans might be pretending that this isn't about Russia, but CNN isn't. It's practically "#TrumpRussia"!

This may take a while, and in fact, Trump may not be removed from office for it, but whatever comes of it will leave the Republicans smelling like a field of manure on a 100 degree day. For once, we're not playing on their turf.

I think one particular Republican knows this:

The night's not over, and he's already sent out six Tweets on this topic today.

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