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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Open Thread -- Donald Trump After Hours

Yes, Time did publish an article with that title... it involves a reporter trailing Trump the evening after the Sally Yates hearing. Let's just say Trump is both batshit and a terrible human being.

Oh, wait, that's not a surprise, you say? Trump dials the insane-o-meter up a couple of notches:

 …My friend said to me that, he said you know it’s interesting, he said you hit them because of the gases but the barrel bombs are worse. He said what they do to people is unbelievable. You have arms and legs laying two hundred yards away.
And despite that there was something about the gases. It’s just terrible. And I guess it was also that he violated the deal that was done with Obama. He’s got gas all over the place. He’s got gas all over the place."
We have to humiliate the enemy. And if we don’t humiliate them, we’re going to have our kids continuing to go and fight for ISIS. We have kids leaving this country because they’re so damned good at the internet, ISIS, they’re better at the internet than Google. You know it’s a smart enemy. Believe it or not. And these kids are going over and fighting."
" Terrible. Incredible and terrible. They’re so brave. I mean their legs are blown off, their arms are blown off, their faces … Their spirit’s amazing. It’s incredible. One guy had his leg blown off in Afghanistan. Handsome guy, really good looking guy. And he was with his girlfriend. His leg was blown off high, you know. "All he can do, because now they let them go back, was with the prosthetic, if you can, it works out okay. All he wants to do is go back. It’s amazing. The spirit is so incredible."

You can figure out the context, but it doesn't really matter. And there's so much more where that came from. Additionally, this wasn't his only interview published today. Ari will have more on that this evening.

Check out the article and discuss in the comments.

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