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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cable News Makes Me Nauseous (UPDATED)

I just accidentally turned on CNN for 30 seconds and, while I desperately tried to change the channel (it takes about 30 seconds to do that after you turn on the box, I heard Jake Tapper state "In some ways, Trump is a liberal populist Democrat" while talking about Carrier.

It's really good I spent too much time writing this morning to have breakfast.

UPDATE (12/11/16, 2:12 PM): Jake and/or his staff were gracious enough to respond pretty quickly.

I may have been unfair (particularly because I think he was one of the better cable anchors this cycle). I think I did hear him address it to Dana Loesch, so it wasn't his own thought. The problem is that 1. as I mentioned in my reply, it's barely true, and also, it plays into the pretty false and unhelpful statement by Democrat Jennifer Granholm that Trump deserved credit for the "deal." It was a crappy deal, at best, and way beneath the standards of the current President, as Driftglass so epically presented this week:

There are hundreds more examples.  Hundreds and hundreds.  So ask yourself why you never even heard about Obama Administration policies actually saving of 1,200 jobs at ArcelorMittal in Cleveland, but you can't escape the deafening roar from Il Douche's smoke-and-mirror-and-seven-million-tax-dollar Carrier scam?  (from the Washington Post):
He ‘lied his a– off': Carrier union leader on Trump’s big deal
And while you are asking yourself things, by way of contrast, ask yourself, hey, what the Hell was the Republican Party doing to ease the fears and burdens of working class Americans during this time of crisis when working class Americans needed them most?

By the way, Jake and company, if I still have your attention, please read Driftglass's post. You really can't do better on the topic, and he and people like him deserve to share their highly-informed voice.