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Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump won the election - as far as we know

Yes, Trump won by an effective 107,000 votes on election day (and as of today, quite a bit less than that) but there were many questions about the win that just didn't sit right. For one, the polls on the final day were remarkably clustered around a 3 point Clinton lead. Not just nationally, but in many of the swing states as well. For another thing, the final results were well outside of the margin of error of the exit polls. So we're looking at a result that, while mathematically possible (for two related events to both fall into the margin of error we are talking about fractions of a percent likelihood), just seemed outside of the realm of possibility to most observers.

So what caused it? Logic says it must be one of four possibilities:
1. Bad poll sampling all the way through including on election day itself; 
2. Voter suppression that didn't show up in the polls;
3. Human error in recording results;
4. Tampering of election results.

Regardless of the reason, I think we all deserve to know what happened, if nothing else than to preserve the sanctity of the voting process itself.

But you'll never guess who doesn't want that to happen.