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Friday, December 9, 2016

Fate of the Faithless

It appears the dreams of the Faithless Fifteen are at an end. When Governor Kasich outright said he was not interested in an centrist electoral coup, he wanted to be sure everyone understood he was just as much an ideologue as his Congressional Comrades. So where does Ohio's effective abortion ban leave us?

The lone Faithless Elector remaining, Christopher Suprun, insists that he (and others) will still cast his ballot against Trump even if Kasich is no longer interested. For him, it's all about Pence. For the other electors, it's possible that the civil penalties (as much as $1,000) are too much to make it worthwhile to defect.

Between this and the sudden end of the Michigan recount, it's looking like Cheeto Benito will be our next ruler.