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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Professional Left Podcast: Episode 369 -- "Finally, A Resistance Podcast!"

Brought to you this week by MacGuffin's Muffins!

A lot of discussion by our favorite podcasting couple (at least until Ari and I start to do one <3 <3 <3) of the lack of permanent liberal infrastructure, one of my favorite obsessions.

I just want to place a finer point on something DG & BG discussed. Uber-wealthy liberals don't put money into said infrastructure because they focus their money on direct services like feeding poor Africans or AIDS medicine (though that's not entirely true -- a lot of liberalish tycoons put money into places like university endowments at schools that don't need it), and there also isn't the kind of payback for them that conservatives aim for in tax cuts and deregulation.

What's left unsaid, but I think is important, is that even though liberal donors give to some pretty misguided things (hello, charter schools!), their hearts are at least 80% in the right place, while Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, the Kochs, the Mercers, et al, aren't even burdened by possessing a heart at all! They can be 100% about self-interest and that's why they're focused enough to spend their money all the way down to the school boards and to fund wingnut welfare.

Basically, fuck those guys.

But Happy New Year, Cornfield Resistance!

UPDATE (12/31/16, 7:50 PM): I forgot the link! Listen here.