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Sunday, May 7, 2017

TGC Digest, Week of 5/1/2017

What you may have missed on TGC this week:


Hacks Gonna Hack, Part Deux -- Former tabloid writer and current hack Nina Burleigh doesn't see a dime's worth of difference between Hillary Clinton and Ivanka Trump, and it pisses me off.

The Daily Combover - May 1, 2017 -- The six month continuing budget resolution not only is not the nightmare Trump was hoping to inflict on the country; it might even be an improvement of last year's budget.


Trump's Constipated Agenda -- One long poop joke. It felt amazing to get it out of my syster; I was having a block that day. Thank you, I'll be here all week.

The Daily Combover - May 2, 2017 -- Trump is guilty of a trifecta of treason and bribery and high crimes.


Trump Tax Plan Calculator -- How would Trump's tax plan affect you?

The Daily Combover - May 3, 2017 -- Trump "discusses" his health care "plan" in a highly way.


Fascinating Read -- Eisenhower's First 100 Days -- I had no clue that Eisenhower almost singlehandedly initiated the drive to make the United States a theocracy in his first 100 days in office.

The Daily Combover -- May 4, 2017 -- How is the version of the AHCA that passed the House different from the previous one? Hint: It's worse. This is BY FAR the most popular post we've ever done, with more than 1400 views.


The Daily Combover - May 5, 2017 -- Eric Swalwell makes a pretty serious claim about #TrumpRussia. He's either really irresponsible, or the next few weeks or going to get REALLY interesting.


They Barely Even Try to Hide It -- Perhaps the most brazen example of grifting from the Tushner regime yet.

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