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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trump, Pence, or Ryan?

Ari wrote earlier today that he'd rather have Trump as President than Ryan or Pence. In a vacuum (say this were the Republican primary), I think I'd agree. But Trump is the embodiment of the Republican id. They really do like him; it's not just anti-Democratic or anti-Hillary sentiment. If he gets tossed out in what's essentially a coup, does the base stick with the Republican Party? Probably. It's what they do. However, it would be a massive mess, and it would be very difficult for their party to get anything done for quite some time. And time is what we need.

I do want to add, however, that the idea of enough electors to keep Trump out of the White House, as long as one of those guys is the replacement, is plausible. 37 out of 306 (like 1/9), or even fewer if the recount overturns Michigan, of the electors coming from #NeverTrump contingent? Really not impossible. And for the most part, those electors are isolated from any consequences.