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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Long Read -- The Opposite of Saturday's Long Read

Yesterday I posted Eric Garland's latest "Game Theory" THREAD... Garland has long believed that there is a worldwide secret push that will ultimately end up with Trump and all of his associates in shackles; it's always a Twitter wet dream to read. I personally don't want to see Trump removed from office unless the whole Republican party goes down simultaneously with him and the results of the 2016 election are nullified or reversed. And Garland constantly describes for us a perfect storm that could make that happen.

I think what Garland describes is one of many possibilities. The Witches of 2016 threw an unprecedented, crazy mix of ingredients into a cauldron. All I really know is that it's volatile and appears to be ready to blow. Trump *clearly* had inappropriate relations with Russia that resulted in him taking power, and he keeps pissing (no pun intended) off everyone that could blow the lid off this thing.

The fact that the odds of Garland's predictions being near spot-on are nonzero is in itself astounding. But "nonzero" doesn't mean "likely," and I think this whole mishegas is impossible to predict.

My Twitter friend Linda Fader flagged a thread from Julie Goldberg, whose posts I don't think I'd seen before; she makes a great case for a different path (I'm embedding multiple tweets because she didn't quite thread it continuously. Worth a read, and Julie's worth a follow -- she had me at "I'm nobody."

First five tweets here:

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Some points worth highlighting:

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