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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Bob Cesca Show -- FREE! After Party

For all new followers from #TheResistance: A few times a week, we try to promote the shows of our favorite podcasters -- Bob's one of those. If you haven't heard him, this is your lucky week; he puts out free episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with some subscriber-only content, including a subscriber-only show on Friday with Kimberley Johnson, called the After Party. He decided to make this week's program available as a free preview:

The Batdildo: The late Adam West and his massive orgies with cast members; Bob and Kimberley Movie Commentaries for Patreon subscribers; Your calls at 707-317-6060; Stupid Watergate; Mike Pence is Eddie Haskell; White House staffers are lawyering up; Trump keeps accidentally confirming news stories; Rod Rosenstein's bizarre statement; Pee Pee Tape; Oliver Babish and Legal Fees; GOP using Alexandria to cancel town halls; News on Trump's wall; and much more!

Listen to the whole episode here.

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