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Sunday, June 18, 2017

TGC Digest -- Week of 6/12/2017


A Clever Way to Get the Tax Returns? -- The Attorneys General of Maryland and Washington DC file a lawsuit that may make Trump have to release his returns (I'm not holding my breath).

The Daily Combover - June 12, 2017 -- An open letter from Ari to Trump about the economics of coal.


The Daily Combover - June 13, 2017 -- Ari wonders what Trump's next steps are for the AHCA.


Republican Treason Goes a Step Further -- Did Republicans deliberately ignore Russian hacking of the election?

The Daily Combover - June 14, 2017 -- Trump's Russia love vs. the Senate's sanctions.


Liberals Shouldn't Have Guns, Either -- How I feel about guns.

Who Woulda What? -- Who exactly are the Bernie and Joe Biden die-hards talking to?

Fear the Walking Trumpcare -- What exactly is going on here?

The Daily Combover - June 15, 2017 -- Trump's tweeting is going to be his downfall.


Friday Morning Twitshit -- Trump goes off about the "Witch Hunt" (aka #TrumpRussia)

The Daily Combover - June 16, 2017 -- Trump tears down Obama's open Cuba policy.


Could They Be Any Goddamned More Obvious? -- The White House considers blocking the Senate's Russia sanctions.

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