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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Is Gorsuch Getting Cold Feet?

I'm wondering if that's how I should be reading this:

At one point in the back-and-forth, Whitehouse asked Gorsuch if he was concerned that there wasn't much information out there about who was behind the $10 million campaign supporting his confirmation.
"Senator, there is a lot about the confirmation process today that I regret. A lot. A lot," Gorsuch said. "When [Supreme Court Justice] Byron White sat here, it was 90 minutes. He was through this body in two weeks and he smoked cigarettes while he gave his testimony. There's a great deal through it process that I regret. I regret putting my family through this."

Is Judge Gorsuch considering pulling his own nomination? I'm not saying he will, but how else are we to understand it?

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