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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Daily Combover - March 14, 2017

On this Pi Day we have a special announcement from Rachel Maddow: She has the first two pages of his 2015 Federal Tax Return.

While the world is focused on Maddow's report, we're going to take a look at what Trump's been up to today.  Last night, he contacted his FEMA director and then later met with DC Mayor Bowser in preparation for Winter Storm Stella:
While my graduate alma mater was pummeled with nearly 30 inches of snow, DC was spared with roughly two inches of snow across much of city.

Presumably Snowman Trump was spotted somewhere North of DC
Ironically, Politico reminds us of an interview Trump gave to the Boston Globe in 2015:
How Trump’s government even handles the snow could be the source of controversy. Back in 2015, Trump told the Boston Globe he was no fan of using salt to prepare for storms and even explained why he had banned it across his company because it was “devastating” to steel, concrete and asphalt.
“Whenever I see snow, I see cities pouring salt all over the city,” Trump said in the wide-ranging 2015 interview. “It’s like hiring Rosie O’Donnell on The View – short term pleasure but long term disaster.”
“It corrodes everything,” Trump added. “One of the reasons our infrastructure is so bad is they use salt on the roads. … I’ve forbidden salt at all of my properties. I have many long driveways. I won’t let them use salt.”
He really can't say anything without it being about himself or a direct personal attack on someone else. Those can't possibly be the best words, can they?

This morning as it became apparent that the snowfall wasn't going to affect DC, Trump setttled back into his rehash routine. This time bringing the average jobs report back into the forefront as if it was something special:
By then it was time to finally shut the door on the lies that President Obama wiretapped Trump. Sunday Kellyanne Con-way insinuated that President Obama was watching Trump through a microwave. And yesterday, Spicey said Trump was just joking.

But as we've learned, Trump NEVER apologizes nor does he ever admit he was lying. So instead he sent his House Elf to beg Congress for more time to find evidence of the wiretap. Presumably they are just hoping something flashy will distract the media and allow them to sweep this under the rug with all of the other crazy.

So when Rachel Maddow finishes her 19-minute introduction of Trump's tax returns, try not to forget about all the crazy that's been left behind.

OK I've held you up long enough, you can watch the rest of the segment now:

 Catch you on the flip side.

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