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Monday, March 27, 2017

Trump's Plan B

It appears that if Trump can't destroy this country through legislation, he's going to try to do it through nepotis executive order.

Trump is apparently convinced there’s only one reason why the Republican health insurance debacle debac’d. It’s not because there was a group of Republicans who are so entrenched in saying “no” that they forgot there was another response. It’s not because the entire Republican Party has been put in place with the purpose of making government fail (and they’re darn good at it) not writing legislation that can pass.
No, sweet Republican harmony failed to settle over DC because the Great Dealmaker’s dealmaker chose to spend last week carving slopes in Colorado. Now that Kushner has come in from the cold, Trump will get him to rearrange all the deck chairs in his regime without having to talk to Congress at all.

This should scare the heebie-jeebies out of me, but it doesn't as much as it would've two months ago. This feels like a Hail Mary pass, and not only do those not succeed often when you have a good quarterback, in this case the quarterback has a noodle arm, has his cleats untied, is wearing his helmet backwards, and as a bonus, has a terrible history with football.

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