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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Daily Combover - March 21, 2017

Following a round of hearings for the Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer likened the hearings to a game of dodgeball. What we learned about Gorsuch today is that he will not answer a question directly. We know very little about how he will act on The Court aside from what we've seen in his past decisions and that's quite troubling.

To summarize, he's a rich person's idea of what a Supreme Court Justice should be. As we saw with the Hobby Lobby case, Gorsuch will always back the idea that corporations are people.  He believe money has a direct voice in politics. From (specifically see bold text):
In his only opinion directly addressing money in politics, Judge Gorsuch expressed openness to providing a higher level of constitutional protection to a donor’s right to make political contributions than the Court currently affords the right to vote. Judge Gorsuch’s openness to applying rigid “strict scrutiny” review to contribution limits—one of the few remaining checks on big money we have left, thanks to the Supreme Court—puts him among the ranks of justices extremely hostile to this issue, such as Thomas and Scalia, and is cause for serious concern.
So Trump is obviously happy as a lark. Interestingly enough, Trump and Gorsuch were in direct contact during the campaign as Gorsuch indicated during his hearing. While that's not prohibited, it's certainly indicative that Trump knew exactly who he was planning on appointing and why.  When you've already assembled the second largest tax cut in the history of the world and called it the AHCA,  For reference, the largest tax cut in history was part of President Obama's stimulus package. It cut taxes by $288 billion.

But why stop there? Trump wants to rapidly have the AHCA passed so that he can get onto the business of passing the largest tax cut in history. Combined with his AHCA cuts, we're looking at something in the magnitude of $600-700 billion in tax cuts -- or approximately 20% of Federal revenue. 

We've already seen the devastation of a 10% cut via the Sequester. We've seen the Republican Dream Budget with another 9% cut. Imagine another 20% on top of that? Goodbye Social Security. Medicare? History will remember you. Medicaid? Screw the poor. They don't need health care. They need to pull up their bootstraps. 

Yes, this man is set to destroy this country. If it isn't a nuclear war with North Korea that does us in, it will be pure unadulterated corporate greed.

Catch you on the flip side.

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