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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Yelling At Bill Maher, Again

Bill Maher again made me want to throw something at my TV with his hippie-punching along with goddamned Andrew Sullivan (Why is he still a thing? Why was he EVER a thing?). I've talked about this before, and it always gets to me:

Bill, admit it. You're just pissed off because back when you were doing standup in a leisure suit, someone withheld a dollar from the collection jar by your mic stand because you called a woman a "cunt." It's not that much better than when your crazy uncle drunkenly slurs, "Why do only black people get to say it?" Why would it hurt to err on the side of being a little nicer to people? I happen to think people who aren't assholes are pretty cool. Mean People do, in fact, Suck.

I don't really like violence going on against Charles Murray at Middlebury, but what's wrong with protesting him? Protesting is free speech! And he's a racist and an enabler of tens of millions of racists all over the world. These are students who are paying to be on a private campus; he's getting paid to be there -- why, I'm not sure.
How does Charles Murray add to students' education in any positive way?
And Maher blames this on the faculty and the parents for teaching the students to oppose someone like Murray. What are these lessons? "Don't ever be racist?" For shame!
I'm no millennial, but if holding protests against bigots is what it takes to silence them, please protest away, kids!

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