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Saturday, March 25, 2017

"We’re Going to Be Living with Obamacare for the Foreseeable Future"

I'm really surprised to be able to use that title today (thank you, not-long-for-being-Speaker Ryan). It all felt like a whirlwind, and it was an incredible group effort. The people of America are somehow saving America:

“It was the town halls, and the stories, that convinced me that people might actually stop this bill,” said Tom Perriello, a former Democratic congressman now running an insurgent campaign for governor of Virginia, with his career-ending vote for the ACA front and center.
The outsider approach to lobbying grew from there, in ways that quickly came to worry Republicans. Indivisible-affiliated groups advertised congressional town halls and flooded them. Like the Jan. 14 rallies, the town hall tactic mirrored what the tea party movement did in 2009. Like the Democrats of that year, many Republicans responded glibly, blaming out-of-state (or district) rabble-rousers and searching for the invisible hand of George Soros.

The fact that so many people participated in this process makes it feel extra good.

About ten days ago, I wrote the following:

Back to Obamacare, the Republicans really shot themselves in the foot by not having a repeal bill ready to go in January, they gave enough time for the public to become aware of the Republicans' true intentions and to focus on what's actually in the bill now, and also for Congressional Republicans to fear for their electoral lives as a consequence of a repeal.
I'm not ready to gloat; in fact, no matter what happens, I don't see myself gloating much until November 2018, at best. But it is very fair to say that Jim DeMint wasn't that far off -- Obamacare might prove to be someone's Waterloo, but it won't be Obama's.:

OK, I'm ready to gloat just a little.

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