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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Car Keys and a Squeaky Toy

Last week, Ed at Gin and Tacos wrote:

Over the past two weeks the automotive press has been full of stories about Elon Musk's (he of Tesla and PayPal fame) efforts to stave off unionization at his Fremont, California factory. His strategy is to treat his employees like toddlers, apparently, and convince them to forgo unionization in exchange for toys and treats and a trip to Six Flags. If you think that's a metaphor, it isn't: he has offered quite literally to give the factory a frozen yogurt bar and a roller coaster in exchange for a union-free contract. I would like to point out that the year is 2017, and this exact scenario was in the aforementioned Simpsons episode in 1993.
Carl: But seriously, we have to vote on Mr. Burns' new contract. It's basically the same deal, except we get a free keg of beer for our meetings. (crowd cheers) In exchange for that, we have to give up our dental plan. (everyone cheers and rushes over to the beer keg)
Lenny: (pours beer) So long dental plan!

You can't make these things up.
There are arguments to be made (albeit not necessarily equally persuasive ones) for and against unionization. You have to love the cynicism of the ruling class when it doesn't even bother making them and instead jiggles its car keys and a squeaky toy in front of labor, expecting that to convince them to give up rights and long term economic benefits.

That appears to be the basis Republican plan for selling the Obamacare repeal -- raw condescension.

Mike Pence:

We're talking about a national marketplace. Let's get that little gecko on TV or let's get Flo on TV selling health insurance.

Jason Chaffetz:

Responding to host Alisyn Camerota's challenge that "access for lower income Americans doesn't equal coverage," Chaffetz explained that "Americans have choices, and they've got to make a choice."
For example: "Maybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and want to go spend hundreds of dollars on, maybe they should invest [that money] in their own healthcare," Chaffetz said.

Putting it all together, the Republicans think that whether Americans purchase health insurance over a gadget will come down to whether we can be swayed by a cheery woman dressed like a flight attendant or a talking lizard? If so, we're screwed. And I'm going to start needing to stop skipping  commercials on my DVR to ensure I always have the best health insurance plan!

P.S.: Ed, the answer is "Homer's Enemy!" Oh, Grimey!

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