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Monday, March 6, 2017

Chris Coons Playing Chicken

Because Democrats aren't into committing suicide with the United States, they always cave when the Republican Party wants to play chicken. But it looks like the possibility (HIGH probability) that the other side has committed treason has changed things:
Democratic Sen. Chris Coons said that threatening to shut down the government is the "only card" Democrats have in negotiations with the Republican majority.
The Delaware senator was asked Monday on WHYY radio what Democrats could do to force the hand of Republicans who may be hesitant to investigate questions surrounding the Trump administration and Russia.
"Sen. (Chuck) Schumer, who's our Minority Leader, who's the leader of the Democratic caucus, is regularly negotiating with Majority Leader McConnell over what we are willing to do or not do to shut down the government or shut down the Senate," Coons said. "We've had as you saw, a number of fairly bitter fights over confirmation."

Are the Democrats revving the engine? If so, I hope they borrowed a Trans Am from another Senator from Delaware, because that would be badass.

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