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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Daily Combover - March 7, 2017

Another day, another big lie from Trump. Today we're being told that the Affordable Care Act is an absolute disaster and thus we should be supporting the American Healthcare Act instead. I don't need to tell you how awful it is. Kevin Drum did a fantastic job of that for Mother Jones. But I will continue to repeat what people keep missing about the Act: that it's really just a glorified tax cut dressed up as a healthcare plan. The biggest hit from it won't really affect us until just after the 2020 election when it finally repeals President Obama's Medicaid expansion in full.

If anyone on the Right knows about healthcare plans it's Bill Kristol. After all, I'm not sure I can even count the amount of healthcare proposals he has personally blocked.  And so when he says this isn't healthcare, I tend to agree with him:
Because as I just said, it really comes down to this:
So let's check in with Trump to get his take. His friends will all get big tax cuts so he's probably raving about it, right? Let's look at his latest Tweet to find out.

Oh right he's going to be fixated on something shiny.
And it looks like he actually began the day making up stuff about President Obama:
So the last round of attacks against President Obama focused on him as a ruthless despot. And now it's that he's a feckless weakling. Neither one is even close. As for these two outright lies, the truth is that, yes, 9 of the released prisoners returned to terror but that's a very low recidivism rate. To put it in context, President Bush released 532 detainees and 113 returned to terror. Bob Cesca provides the evidence:
Of course he did finally Tweet about the healthcare bill. First, he attacked ObamaCare.
Then he sprinkled in a useless Republican talking point (look he even Tweeted it to Fox News).

As an FYI, buying insurance across state lines is useless since most policies are state-specific. So if you buy insurance from South Dakota (the cheapest in the country), but live in New York, you better book a flight to Sioux Falls next time you get sick.

And so finally, the propaganda campaign began with no respect for reality.
With any luck, this bill doesn't make it out of the House. We know for certain that the Democrats will block it with the filibuster if worst comes to worst.  And it could be that many Republicans will be happy with that outcome.

Catch you on the flip side.

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