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Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Daily Combover - March 4, 2017

Trump's feeling the pressure. J-Beau Sessions was supposed to be his brick wall in the Department of Justice to ensure that he wouldn't be touched by any investigation into connection to the Russian hacking of our election. With news that Sessions lied about two other meetings with the Russians, Trump lashed out on Twitter against his his sworn enemy:
Oh wait, not that one. The other sworn enemy:

Shh don't tell him that there was nothing wrong with the White House corresponding with Ambassadors. I'm enjoying this shitshow too much. Let's see how far he'll take it.

Check the time stamps here. In between those two posts, the last few cords connecting his twisted mind to reality were severed. Without citing any evidence at all, he decided that Obama has been wiretapping him:

If there was any question that our Dear Leader has completely lost it, those questions have been officially answered. He is insane.

I'll let Ted Lieu play it out:
Catch you on the flip side.

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