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Friday, March 10, 2017

They Will Lose Coverage

Via Rawstory, Chris Cuomo is at his chiseled-jaw best today:

However, host Chris Cuomo wouldn’t let Jordan talk about his vision without addressing the major elephant in the room: That under all proposed Republican plans, millions of Americans would lose their health insurance.
Among other things, Cuomo pointed out that Jordan’s vision for a purely “free market” for health insurance has no precedent anywhere in the industrialized world, as every other developed country does something to make sure all of its citizens have health coverage.
“You use government as if it’s a bad word in this context, but to be fair, there is no place that you’ll find that has this kind of marketplace when it comes to health insurance,” said Cuomo. “You’re saying it like it’s something that should be understood. It’s never existed anywhere else that you can point to, and remember, you have to be okay with having less people having health insurance to get some people to have it cheaper.”
Jordan replied that his goal was for “all people to have better insurance,” but Cuomo wouldn’t let him off the hook.

I could've watched that interview go on for an entire hour.

It highlights that these guys have absolutely no idea what they're talking about other than the Fox/Koch-pushed talking points that have the goal of just destroying any systems and regulations imposed by the government as well as lowering taxes and undermining labor. Another great example:

I mean, I think it's just vapid recitation of talking points. Or is it openly and brazenly (second time I've used that word today, but it's apt) lying? And how many thousands of times have I asked myself that question over the last 16 years or so?

Conservatives have been lying on behalf of the wealthy and the powerful likely as long as civilization has existed. But I get the feeling that, centuries from now, political scientists will exhuming bodies and performing studies on the brains on the brains of early 21st-Century American conservative politicians and pundits to figure out the answer to that question.

You telling my story
But you don't know my name
It's a hickory dichotomy
You're messing with my brain

Selling the story
Are you holy or lying
Hickory dichotomy
I tell you the truth then you bite

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