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Sunday, April 23, 2017

TGC Digest, Week of 4/17/2017

What you may have missed this week on The Great Consolidation:


Scraping Bottom -- Trump finds a book even HE can read.

The Daily Combover, April 17, 2017 -- Celebrating Easter with the Trump Family.


Did You Guys Like All Pee, Or Did You Just Watch Them Pee? -- The much-speculated-about dossier on Trump and his people colluding with Russia. I pretty much had to write this post because Vanessa Bayer is totally adorable (see above)!

The Daily Combover, April 18, 2017 -- Trump's deluded reactions to the special elections in Kansas and Georgia.


Charlie Pierce Asks a Rhetorical Question -- The first in what ended up being a series of three posts reacting to the New York Times' treatment of Clinton during the campaign.

The Daily Combover, April 19, 2017 -- Some of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots visit the White House.


Hacks Gonna Hack -- Part two of the series about Clinton and the Times. This is the most-read post on the site to date!

Jason Chaffetz, Will You Make Me the Happiest Man in the World? -- Congressman/Twerp Jason Chaffetz tells KSL's Doug Wright that he might leave Congress soon, and I get a little, well, excited.

The Daily Combover, April 20, 2017 -- Ari examines the Republicans' second attempt at a (lack of) healthcare bill.


Carter Page, Double Agent? -- Did Carter Page say what I think he said?

The Daily Combover, April 21, 2017 -- Ari dissects a Q & A between Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.


It Was Comey, Duh. -- Part three in my series about Clinton and the Times.

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