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Monday, March 13, 2017

Share Your Obamacare "Disaster" Story With the White House!

Just got this e-mail from Trump's mailing list:

Obamacare has been a complete failure since the beginning, and things are only getting worse.
Today, President Donald J. Trump held a listening session to hear directly from Americans who have experienced significant hardship as a result of Obamacare's poor coverage and rising prices.
President Trump wants to hear from hard-working Americans like you. How has Obamacare affected you? Share your Obamacare disaster story.
During the meeting, one woman revealed that she had her health insurance cancelled three times since Obamacare became law. Another attendee had her insurance jump from $17,000 a year to a devastating $52,500 a year for her struggling family, while yet another said her health insurance now costs more than her mortgage.
Obamacare came packaged as the healthcare solution for all Americans. Instead, the country was given hundreds of pages of broken promises.
Millions of hard-working Americans have been impaired by soaring costs, cancelled plans, and overbearing mandates. As one of those innocent Americans, President Trump wants to hear your story about how this disastrous law has affected you and your family.
Share Your Story
So, like, go nuts!

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